Our Values


We are constantly evolving our systems and implants to adapt to new research and technologies.


We are passionate about working as a team and supporting each other to maintain a coherent and efficient culture among our employee’s, our partners and our clients.


Designing anatomically fitting implants with an extensive variety of footprints our range can accommodate many sorts of spinal disorders, and aim to provide the best patient outcomes.


Being a small Australian company, we are unencumbered by the red tape and slow production processes of our larger overseas competitors.

Meet the Team


Andrew Burne

With 15 years as a sports physiotherapists and 8 years experience as a spine specialist, Andrew Burne has a strong understanding of the Spine Industry and is highly skilled in sales and design. He has a vast degree of experience in spine anatomy, spine surgery and instrumentation and implant design. He is passionately responsible for making many of our surgeon’s ideas come to fruition.


Ellen FitzGerald

Spine Specialist

Ellen is a passionate and dynamic part of the Evolution team, with a unique and strong understanding of the spine industry. With over 3 years working as a Neuro-Surgical Theatre Nurse, she has comprehensive knowledge of surgical instruments and spinal surgery. Her primary focus is on improving surgeon experiences and patient outcomes.


Jack Evans

Spine Specialist

Jack comes from a physiotherapy background with strong anatomical knowledge. His progression into the spinal prostheses industry extends his commitment to reduce patient spinal pain through the effective use of innovative surgical implants and devices. Jack works collaboratively with surgeons and theatre staff to deliver custom-made spinal implants and tools. He is passionate about product design, surgical excellence and delivering positive surgeon experiences.


Julie Fejsa

General Manager


Nick Steffan

Operations and Loan kit Coordinator


Ivan Naraj

Accounts Manager


Mythilie Erajasekeran

Administration and Clinical Support Officer


For General Enquiries:

4/12 Chaplin Drive, Lane Cove West 2066, Sydney NSW, Australia

Phone: 02 9428 1084

Email: admin@evolutionsurgical.com.au

For Bookings:

Email: evolution@evolutionsurgical.com.au